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Have you been dreaming of a fairytale wedding that takes you back in time, in a romantic castle? Then the Château de Varennes could be the perfect venue for your big day. Take a tour of this majestic, nearly 1,000-year-old fortress and discover its incredible history, breathtaking beauty and many amenities that will make your special day truly unforgettable.


The Château de Varennes, located in Charette-Varennes in Saône-et-Loire, is one of the most luxurious castles in Eastern France.

The main building of the Château de Varennes dates from the 18th century and bears the Truchis family coat of arms.
Ideally located in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards, this prestigious estate offers many advantages to celebrate any type of reception. Thanks to its geographical location at the border of several wine regions (Beaujolais, Rhône and Burgundy in particular) and its easy accessibility from abroad, the Château de Varennes is now in the top 10 of the must-see places to get married, according to many wedding websites.
Its park, magnificently planted with trees, its chapel, the large reception room and the castle itself, proudly standing in the middle, are undeniable assets to celebrate an event there.
Add an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court, and you will easily understand why it remains one of the most popular French locations.

The Château de Varennes: for a French-style wedding

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Thanks to its location, its history, its charm and its careful restoration, the Château de Varennes currently enjoys an international reputation. It embodies the French charm, but also all the characteristics of a reception place that can accommodate a large number of guests.


The Chateau de Varennes is an ideal location for a dazzling and romantic wedding in the French countryside. With its centuries-old history, preserved architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, you can be sure that your big day will feel like an unforgettable journey back in time. From civil ceremonies to medieval banquets, there are so many ways to make your special day truly unique by embracing the spirit of this magical castle.


A few months ago, I had the pleasure of going to this beautiful establishment to capture the wedding of two lovers, living not far from France, and wishing to unite in this so timeless setting.


The Château de Varennes offers a tastefully renovated interior that combines modern comforts with centuries-old charm. Its rooms are the perfect setting for intimate ceremonies, luxurious receptions and exclusive dinners that capture the true essence of this historic castle. You can also opt for outdoor events in its beautiful gardens, surrounded by century-old trees and vast meadows for an exquisite outdoor experience.

A tastefully renovated interior

One of the advantages of the Château de Varennes is also its accommodation capacity.
With a capacity of 40 people in the 20 rooms available in the castle (including 12 very spacious suites), the bride and groom are assured of being able to prepare in complete privacy and without the risk of running into each other before the ceremony.

That day, Maria chose to get ready in the bridal suite. In the adjacent salon, hair and makeup artists were in charge of the bride’s beauty, but also her mother and bridesmaids. The atmosphere was relaxed and gave way to some memorable laughter.

On Mathieu’s side, the atmosphere was more studious in one of the suites located at the opposite.
All the groomsmen were finishing their preparations before toasting the groom.

The day was only punctuated by the outdoor ceremony, so we were able to take the time with my ladies to take some pictures before the end of the preparations.

I keep in memory this moment when once the dress was done, Maria started to dance in the middle of her suite, surrounded by her mother and her friends.

Once the bouquet was ready, the bride and groom wished to discover themselves away from the eyes of the guests, inside the chapel, dating from the 20th century.

The emotion was there, then it was time to go to the park of the castle for the union of this couple.

A ceremony in the park of the Château de Varennes

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Organize a magical and unique ceremony in the park of the Château de Varennes. Set amidst centuries-old groves, its delicate beauty and tranquil atmosphere will create an unforgettable memory. You can choose to celebrate your wedding on the immaculate grass, under one of the majestic trees, or you can use the abundance of nature as a backdrop while saying your vows in its privacy.

 Indeed, depending on the season, you will be sure to find the necessary shade to shelter your guests during the ceremony.
The shades of green of its lime trees, blending with a perfectly manicured lawn will surely seduce you.

It is also an advantage when you have a beautiful floral arrangement to hang and thus bring the final touch to the decoration.

Once the ceremony is over, the garden is the ideal setting for your cocktail party.

A lavender field in the middle of Burgundy

Château de Varennes is home to a fragrant and diverse array of flowers, including the iconic lavender. The vibrant plants feature majestic hues and are complemented by deep green trees and tall pines.

For the past few months, the owners have had the great idea of planting lavender in their garden, behind the chapel adjoining the castle, which is the perfect place to immortalize your love with unique photos, as you exchange eternal promises.

This field allows you to have absolutely magnificent shots for your couple session, between the luxury of the building and the bohemian spirit of Provence.

For this photo session, you can also enjoy the Orangery. It offers a different but equally typical view and decor.

An outdoor dinner and party

The ultimate advantage of the Château de Varennes domain is the possibility of dining and dancing outside.
For this, what better than the square of the castle to welcome you for dinner.

The courtyard was perfectly decorated in order not to overload this already sumptuous decor.

That evening, the cuisine and the menu were of very high quality thanks to the exceptional work of the caterer. The meal was of course accompanied by local wines (red and white), with fruity notes, all with a service to the plate.

Once the dinner is over, you will have the opportunity to dance under the stars, on a dance floor specially set up for the occasion. If the guests wish, there is also a room available for dancing.

I hope you enjoyed this article and my review of the Château de Varennes.

If you want more information about this place to get married, please visit the website of this beautiful reception place. And if you liked the pictures, you can contact me to immortalize your happy event.

Also, here is the list of the other providers present on the wedding day.

Wedding planner : Lucy Till
Florist : La maison Dautel
Make-up : Annette Thornton
Hair : Ciara Costenoble
Cake : Kika & co
1st shooter : Alyna photographie

Château de Varennes | 2 rue de Bourgogne, 71270 Charette-Varennes

wedding Chateau Varennes
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