Wedding Photographer in Monaco

Capturing Elegance and Emotion

Welcome to Monaco, a kingdom where elegance and romance intertwine, and where every wedding becomes a symphony of heart and refinement. With over a decade of experience, I'm here not only as a photographer but also as an expert on the venue, guiding each couple through a photographic journey marked by spontaneity, authenticity and unparalleled luxury.

monaco wedding photographer
monaco wedding photographer
monaco wedding photographer

My Approach

As a seasoned photographer with a decade of expertise, my commitment transcends the ordinary. It's not just about your wedding photos; it's about alleviating the stress associated with photography, offering advice before the big day and immortalizing unexpected moments that will become treasured memories long after the celebration.

I remember Ashley & Peter's wedding at the Metropole Hotel. They were desperate to take photos in the hotel lobby and in front of the entrance.
They told me about it on the very first date. I was able to tell them that this would only be possible with special permission. So I took care of everything for them directly with the Société des bains de mer (a company that manages several hotels in Monaco).

On the big day, we were able to take the photos they'd been dreaming of, creating lasting memories.

Monaco, a Luxurious Setting

Monaco, with its grandeur and sophistication, sets the stage for unforgettable weddings. Each wedding photo reflects the upscale ambiance of this principality. From the sweeping views from the Rock to the intimate balconies of hotels and the natural charm of Tête de Chien, each location becomes a canvas for an exceptional photographic experience.

Monaco museum
Monaco city hall
Monaco harbor

Capturing Key Moments

Prioritizing spontaneity, I eschew artificial poses. Every couple is unique, and my photos capture that singularity. Brief yet impactful couple sessions allow you to fully enjoy your day while preserving unforgettable memories.

Every wedding is different, and between tears of joy, bursts of laughter, modesty for some and outpourings for others, there are always many emotions.

A word of advice: get someone to look after the wedding rings on the big day. Someone you can trust, of course. But this happened once at Rebecca & Andrew's wedding. The rings had been left at the bridesmaids' hotel in a hurry. But just when everyone could have been stressing out, everyone burst out laughing and two people kindly removed their rings to lend them to the couple so they could finish their ceremony.
In the end, this oversight will leave unforgettable memories.

Expertise in Monaco

With over two decades in Monaco, my intimate knowledge of the principality's laws and regulations ensures seamless planning. Anticipation and discretion are paramount, allowing me to capture spontaneous moments while adhering to local requirements.


Heather & Dane

I can't recommend Jeremie highly enough. He is simply fantastic! From the start Jeremie was very responsive and attentive to our questions and requests. He was able to guide us through the process while providing helpful guidance and recommendations.

On the wedding day he exceeded our expectations. His photos captured the expressions, emotions and overall feel of our beautiful destination. We truly appreciate all the work Jeremie put into creating and capturing memories we will forever cherish.

International Recognition

My work has been featured on prestigious blogs such as Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Chicks, Magpie Wedding, attesting to the exceptional quality of my photographs.

macaron wedding photographer
macaron wedding photographer
macaron wedding photographer
macaron wedding photographer
macaron wedding photographer

Get in Touch

Let me immortalize your Monaco wedding. Simply fill out the contact form below, and let's begin planning your memorable day together.

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Dive into a Photographic Experience

Experience a photographic journey where every moment is a meticulously crafted work of art, captured with elegance and authenticity. Your wedding in Monaco deserves to be immortalized in an exceptional way.

As you'll see from all my reports, special attention is paid to the details of your day. This starts with the preparations, where every element is captured, to the decorations and clothing details. All these elements are added to the rest of the report, because for me, they are an integral part of the memories to be kept of the big day.

Monaco's Timeless Backdrops

Monaco offers timeless backdrops that transform each wedding into a visual masterpiece. From the iconic Casino Square to the enchanting Princess Grace Rose Garden, every location narrates a unique story.

Describe the versatility of Monaco's landscapes and architecture, illustrating how each backdrop adds depth to the visual narrative.

Monaco harbor

Personalized Wedding Experiences

Every couple is unique, and I believe in creating personalized wedding experiences that mirror your individuality. We embark on a journey together, meeting in person or via videoconference at least once before the big day, and often two to three times, tailored to your schedule and the proximity of the celebration. I'm genuinely invested in listening to your vision for the big day and understanding your expectations. It's not just about capturing moments; it's about building a connection, ensuring you approach this significant day with joy and confidence, and immortalizing the genuine essence of your relationship.

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  • making contact (by e-mail or video)
  • discovery appointment
  • contract signature
  • meeting to discuss D-day planning and your vision
  • D-day
  • photo processing
  • photo delivery

Monaco's Hidden Gems

Explore Monaco's hidden gems through my lens, capturing the essence of lesser-known yet equally enchanting locations. Whether it's a secluded alley in the old town or a charming café overlooking the harbor, each hidden gem becomes a canvas for unique and intimate moments.

Beyond Photography

Beyond capturing moments, I aim to create an immersive experience where you relive the emotions of your wedding day with every glance at your photographs. Each image is a chapter in your love story, carefully curated to evoke the joy, laughter, and timeless beauty of your union.

Crafting Your Monaco Wedding Story

Your Monaco wedding is not just an event; it's a story waiting to be told. I am here to craft each chapter with artistic precision, ensuring that every photograph is a testament to your unique journey.